Wear Your Faith 001: The Origin

Wear Your Faith 001: The Origin

As with most things, a saying or a slogan (or anything for that matter) can take on different meanings depending on the lens from which it is viewed.

One of the cool parts about life is that our personal lens is constantly changing and adapting as we experience trials, tribulations, successes, and failures. Adapt and grow or fail to progress.

When I first decided to create a brand and community centered around like-minded individuals who gain their internal and external strength from faith and fitness, I decided to file for the trademark and copyright for the phrase "Wear Your Faith."

"Wear Your Faith" can mean a lot of different things...

Initially, to me, it meant Christians wearing faith-based clothing as an outward expression of their faith.

It meant connecting with other Christians and other believers and providing a platform to start conversations with strangers about faith.

After all, Christians are supposed to be fisher's of men but sometimes these conversations aren't the easiest to begin or navigate.

It is now 2022 and the world and society seem to be splitting at the seams.

Something is seriously wrong when the world is offended by everything but sin.

"Wear Your Faith" has now taken on a deeper meaning.

It means putting on the armor of God every day because the devil doesn't take any days off.

It means doing everything possible to get better today because tomorrow isn't promised.

It means fighting procrastination, laziness, jealousy, and sin and stepping into who God called you to be, without any excuses.

And lastly, "Wear Your Faith" means doing anything and everything possible to glorify the Kingdom of God through the your mindset, work ethic, and relationships with others.

Right now, more than ever, we need each other.

This platform was created to help you reach your God-given potential in your faith and fitness journey and beyond.

I have always found that when I am consistent diving into the Word and diligent in training my body, everything else in my life begins to take better form.

Faith and fitness are my foundational pillars (as they are with many of you) and we hope to use the start of the new year to dial into both to become the best version of ourselves so that we can be the best version for others and for God.

We wish you all success, happiness, joy, and hope in 2022.

It is our goal to act as a small (and hopefully large) sense of encouragement and community for you this year and beyond as you crush your goals.

Thank you for your time and support and God Bless!

Yours in Faith and Fitness,


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